How colour can help increase productivity

Have you ever wondered why you might work better at home, as opposed to working in a traditional office setting? Perhaps you’re breaking down the home office after two years of COVID-19 restrictions and feel that you are no longer as motivated or driven to perform. Of course, working from home has had its benefits; from time savings related to the commute, access to family, or other personal comforts, but have you ever wondered what the effect of the interior space itself has on your productivity, specifically the colour on the walls?

If you’re one of the lucky folks whose office space has been thoughtfully designed with punchy, bright colours that are adorned with unique interior design choices, then you know exactly the effect that we’re talking about. Studies have shown that the colour choice one takes in using for the interior has immediately impact on their mood, their productivity, and creativity. The choices that we make at home, or our employer makes at the office have direct influence on the way we feel, the way we work, and our ability to concentrate.

One great example that proves the effectiveness of colour on attitude was conducted in 1985 and highlighted more recently by Interaction UK in which UK prisons changed their interior colour scheme inside the cells from grey to bright pink. Within a short amount of time, they noticed a dramatic decrease in aggressive behaviours, so much so that prison’s within the United States and Canada quickly followed suit.

In a corporate environment the effects are the same. Google and Apple are some of the major US companies that have spent a great deal of time trying to understand the effect of colours and design on the workforce, and how they can take control of their employees effectiveness and well-being. Researchers who took part in a study titled “The Effects of Colour in Work Environment” noted in their review that specific approaches to colour in the workplace had direct correlation with mood, positivity, and work related outcomes. For example, the study noted that white walled interiors, or achromatic schemes produced more work-related errors than an interior with more colourful options.

Interestingly noted as well was the negative affect of cool colours on creativity, or how warm colours created a somewhat overbearing response to concentration. It should be noted, however, that research on this matter narrowly focused on a small selection of primary colours, and pointed to our individual experiences, cultures, and other external factors playing a significant role on the impact colour has on our work production.

Specifically during the COVID-19 pandemic, the boom for interior design materials and interior paint saw significant increases. Reported on, most employers and employees took this time at home to revamp their home office spaces.

Thats where we at Paint Online see a great place for exploration. There is no better canvas to work on that a fresh interior project! We all deserve an environment that we feel comfortable in, and equally energised from. What better time to reinvent your home or apartment office space into a hub of calm, or a station of energised creative potential? 

One of our featured monthly colours, Morning Light, is a perfect example of a colour that brings warmth and light to a space. Pair the nurturing vibrancy of yellow hues with a bold accent colour like Big Smoke then we are really starting to great somewhere! You will no longer feel that your walls are boring or stagnant. Take it even one step further to truely make it your own by creating custom designs with geometry, borders, hand painted shapes, or other unique approaches that show your individuality. 


Perhaps, instead, you are looking to create a space for reading, or deep studying, then consider doing a full project with a single colour like Evening Dip. The soft muted blues, grey, and magenta undertones are just right in producing that contemplative environment that’ll boost your concentration.

At Paint Online, we believe that our interior environments are spaces in which relationships are strengthened either individually or with others. To make a space your own means that you take full ownership of the project. Whether that is with unique furniture, art objects, or simply changing the colour scheme overall. Get your hands dirty! Grab some a little elbow grease, and take control of your productivity! Who knows, a simple coat of paint might be all you need to reach your full potential.

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