Choosing a white paint that works


This has turned into maybe the most stressful moment of your life. You had a simple thought – lets paint the walls white. This should be easy. Walk in, find can labelled ‘white’. Purchase. Leave. Not so fast.

Walk into your nearest paint supply shop and you will be confronted with a dizzying array of choices. The differences are subtle but will make an impact on the final product so it’s definitely worth looking at how to find the right shade. Here are some factors to consider…


Natural Light

How much light gets into the room via windows, skylights etc.? It’s all about the undertones. If the room is light and breezy then you can aim for a white with slightly cooler tones like your light greys, if it tends to be a bit darker and you want the paint to brighten it up, choose warmer tones like beige.


Paint Online - Pic 1

Set the atmosphere

What’s the overall feel of the room you are after?  Do you want to make the space feel open and bright, or cosy? Maybe you are going for something minimalist and clean, or your house is older and you want to highlight its history and detailing. Spend some time deciding on the mood you want to create, and let that influence your choice.


Paint Online - Pic 2

What’s the existing décor?

Does your home have a lot of wood furniture or flooring, maybe tiling and marble? These can reflect or throw their own colour onto the walls or surfaces – and you don’t want the beautiful white you selected to look yellow or brown in places because of refection.


Paint Online - Pic 3

Find your paint

Now that you have decided on what you want from the finished project, it’s time to pick the colour! If you don’t feel like heading into your nearest paint shop cause you’re not ready to be faced with all those choices, opt for an online shop that delivers, like Paint Online for the latest trends in colour selection, and make your choice without leaving the comforts of home.