Have paint leftover? Don’t throw it away!

Just completed a big job and discovered you were a little ambitious when guesstimating how much you would need? It’s tempting to just toss it, after all, you’ve just spent days covered in it and now it’s on your walls – you don’t need it also staring at you every time you open the cupboard!
But what should you do with it?

1. Storage. The first and most obvious option. Keeping it for touch ups when the kids decide to decorate the walls or things get scuffed when Feng Shu-ing the living room is a good idea. If you seal it correctly in its original container it will last for years. Make sure to label it so you don’t have to open can after can when on the hunt in 5 years’ time.
2. Donate! There will be a charity, school or centre that would love your paint. Places like Planet Ark www.recyclingnearyou.com.au or CanSmart www.cansmart.org will help you recycle your paint – and you get to feel good about doing it!
3. Dispose of it safely. For Sydney residents, head to http://www.sita.com.au/community-education/site-tours-education/recycling-tips/paint/ to find out the safe options in your area. Alternatively, let the paint dry out in the sun or buy a paint hardener for larger amounts which you can then toss in the trash – just check your local area rules first!
4. Gumtree. List your paint in the Free section and let someone else take it off your hands and make the most of it!
5. Take note for next time. Talk to experts and get them to help recommend how much you will need on your next job – waste not, want not!

Get the guys at Paint Online to help you out – then do things the easy way and check out their range of paints and order online to get it delivered ASAP!