Paint Trends – Water vs Solvent

In a world that is leaning towards ‘keeping it green’, Australian paint production has been significantly swinging the way of the water-based paint. The Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that binding paints split 23% solvent and 77% water based – if that statistic was a pie and you were a consumer with a taste for solvents… well, at least you would never need to consider a diet! You would be in the statistical minority and that just shows the level of importance that is placed on environmental and health and safety considerations today, not to mention just over-all ease of use.

It is expected that far greater use of water based technologies in industrial applications will be the way of the future. This is not surprising as another point in their favour, in the eyes of your average Joe, is that high quality acrylic emulsions offer a hard-wearing result, quick drying time, and just tend to give off a much less powerful odour.

A simple trick to checking if a paint is water-based or solvent-based is to see what the label recommends on how to clean your brushes. Solvent-based paints need to be cleaned with white spirit or turpentine, whereas water-based paints can be cleaned just by using warm, soapy water.

Although, as always, it is up to the individual consumer to decide what works for them in terms of both decoration and protection, Paint Online recommend doing your research prior to committing to any project. After all, this will be what you are looking at and living with – don’t get slap-happy before checking the data!

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