Top tips for colouring up your home

Want to spice up your home, but not sure how to start? Here’s a tip – Paint it! It’s the quickest way to make your home look like new, and can make your existing décor look like you’ve gone out and re-furnished, without spending a cent. For the price of a new lounge suite (or less!) you can freshen up the look of your home.
If your budget is small, or you are simply time-poor like most of us, choose the place you spend the most time in and start with that. For most people that’s the kitchen or the lounge, the ‘homey’ spaces that with a touch of colour can become even more inviting and hey, might even coax your teenager out of their room once in a while!
Shayna Blaze from says, “One of the most important things to remember about colour is that warm colours advance (they feel like they are coming towards you) and cool colours recede (they move away from you). Remember this and you can easily change your interior without doing massive renovations.”
Keeping this in mind, take a look at your room and see how the appearance of the space could change if you played with colours. Cool colours can help make a room look cleaner and larger – don’t forget that a good white can help brighten and open up a room. And pick a warmer colour, maybe go for a red, orange, or brown theme this Autumn, to make those big spaces feel cosy and inviting.
Shayna also offers this tip on how to help break up a large space, “Warm colours can also help focus attention on a particular space within the large open-plan living area”. So if your room feels too large and you want to make the feel of each area, kitchen, lounge, dining, more individual, add colour to one and keep the others neutral.
Don’t forget to have fun! Buy tester pots and paint on the walls – the kids will love it! And it’s a good way to test how a colour looks in different lights. Remember that paint isn’t permanent, so don’t let yourself stress too much in the choosing. If you don’t love it, you can change it!
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