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Masking Tape

Accessories can only be purchased with any Omega/ Apco paint product.

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There’s nothing worse than accidentally getting paint where it’s not meant to go; which is why masking tape provides a simple, affordable, and effective solution to this issue. This tape can be applied to the chosen surface to mask off areas that shouldn’t be painted; giving you cleaner lines, and ensuring that you’re not constantly worrying about ruining the aesthetic of your surface.


We’ve got a wide range of tapes available here on the site, which should be suited to any painting project or renovation you’re undertaking. The benefit of using these products is that they have a gentler adhesive; meaning they shouldn’t take off the paint when they’re removed, or leave a residue. If you’re looking for the best masking tape around then we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with our offerings – they’re suitable for a range of surfaces such as timber, glass, plaster, metal, and brick.
If you’re wanting to buy masking tape online alongside quality painting supplies, then Paint Online is the obvious choice. We have a great selection, and competitive prices too! If you want to find the perfect accessories for your next painting project just take a look at our excellent selection today!