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Paint Scrapers

Accessories can only be purchased with any Omega/ Apco paint product.

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If you’re going to paint a surface, it’s important that you’ve taken the necessary steps to ensure that it’s ready, and in the perfect condition to receive a coat of paint. Much of the time, this will involve using a paint scraper, and there’s a great selection of these handy products here on the Paint Online website.


Paint scrapers are simple yet effective products that can be used for preparing or cleaning surfaces, as well as removing old paint so you can get started with the new coat. We’ve got various different shapes and sizes available, depending on the job you’re doing, or just personal preference. We’ve also got a range of handy replacement blades, coming in different styles such as precision or heavy duty.
If you’re looking for the best paint scrapers around, then look no further, because we’ve assembled a wide range of products that will make the painting process so much easier for you. At great prices, and with free delivery to many Australian states, you can get the equipment you need with the minimum hassle, so choose us the next time you need quality painting supplies. Browse the range today, and see what takes your fancy!