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Paint Tools

Accessories can only be purchased with any Omega/ Apco paint product.

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It’s good to be prepared every time you start on a new project or renovation, and with our excellent selection of paint tools, you’ll have all the equipment you need to ensure a successful outcome every time. Paint Online is proud to present high quality tools, at prices that can’t be beaten!

Here at Paint Online, we boast some of the best paint tools around, at prices you’re sure to love! There’s plenty to choose from – from the handy brush/tool extension clamp, which gives you that all-important extra reach, to our super convenient strainer bags, which fit securely over your paint tin and help to strain dirt, lumps, and a host of other foreign objects from your paint.

Having the necessary tools and equipment to hand is essential if you want to be able to complete your project successfully. If you’ve already decided to purchase some of our high quality paints, then why not add some of these cost-effective accessories to your basket? With free delivery to a range of Australian states, we’re confident you won’t find a cheaper, more convenient alternative anywhere online. Browse the range today, and see what takes your fancy!