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PPE Safety

Accessories can only be purchased with any Omega/ Apco paint product.

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Like any activities that cause you to come into contact with potentially dangerous chemicals, painting can come with its own risks, and it’s important that you take the necessary precautions before you begin using these products. This is especially true if you’re spray painting, as it’s easy to breathe in hazardous fumes if you’re not protected. Luckily, here at Paint Online we’ve got a great range of PPE safety equipment to help you stay safe during your latest painting project.

The side effects from being exposed to paints, especially spray paints, are no joke. They can include asthma, dermatitis, and even lung cancer and brain damage. As such, it’s imperative that you take your safety seriously. With our PPE safety gear you can have peace of mind whilst handling this painting equipment; allowing you to complete any job.

If you’re after quality, proven products to help you whilst painting, then Paint Online is the smart choice. We’ve got a reputation as a trusted online store, and we make the process easy. Browse our safety gear today, and feel safer during any project. Please note that accessories can only be bought alongside any Omega/Apco paint products.