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Anti Graffiti Coatings

  • APCO Aquagard Anti Graffiti Water Based Epoxy

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Whether you want to protect your own property, or you’re acting on behalf of an organisation such as a school or council, it’s important that you use the appropriate products that can guard against graffiti, if this is a problem in your area. Our anti graffiti coating is a convenient option that should help to keep your area looking clean and free of defacement.

While these coatings can’t prevent graffiti from being applied unfortunately, they can at least make it a lot quicker and easier to clean up afterwards. If the person responsible keeps seeing their work quickly scrubbed off then they will most likely lose interest and stop defacing the surfaces. This coating means that the damage done by graffiti isn’t permanent, so you can quickly reverse the effects.

If you’re looking for a top quality anti graffiti coating, then you can’t go wrong with Paint Online. Over the years we’ve established ourselves as as a trusted sources of high quality, Australian-made paint and other painting supplies. Our paint goes through extensive testing, to ensure that it’s up to the highest standards. Try our products out for yourself – we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.