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Roof Paint

Having a great looking, protective coat of paint on your roof can really add value to your home, improve its appearance, and protect it in even the harshest of weather conditions. If you’re wanting to buy roof paint quickly and easily, at competitive prices, then Paint Online is the perfect choice for your needs.

We’ve got a wide range of roof paint to choose from on the site. Our versatile Roof Acrylic is suitable for use on various roof materials such as concrete, cement, timber, masonry, and many more. For a durable, long-term solution, you can’t go wrong with a Waterproofing Membrane, which will completely cover cracks without rupturing, and stay looking fresh for years to come. We’ve even got solutions which will give significant Thermal Insulation to the inside of buildings, together with superior water resistance.

If you want the very best roof paint delivered straight to your door quickly and with the minimum hassle, then you won’t be disappointed with our services. We even deliver for no additional charge to ACT, NSW, VIC, and QLD, so what are you waiting for? Browse the range now.