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Undercoats, Sealers & Primers

  • Omega Paints Wood Primer Oil Based

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  • Pro Series Acrylic Block & Masonry Filler

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  • Pro Series SurePrep 3 in 1 Acrylic Primer / Sealer / Undercoat

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There’s no doubt that preparing the surface you wish to paint is just as important as the final coat. Here at Paint Online, we understand that importance, which is why we have developed a comprehensive range of exterior paint sealers, primers, and undercoats. Adequately preparing your exteriors will ensure that the paint will adhere to the surface. Our line has been specially formulated to withstand exposure to harsh elements that cause deterioration.

Our exterior paint sealers help promote a uniform finish, whilst our exterior undercoat primers provide additional protection from elements.

At Paint Online, we strive to achieve extremely high levels of customer satisfaction. Our dedication to efficiency and productivity has allowed us to develop a long standing list of residential and commercial clients. We pride ourselves on supplying our clients with the quality products that are made at the highest possible standard. Trust us in providing you with the highest quality exterior paint products that exceed other conventional paints.

Avoid a surface that is blotchy and uneven by browsing our range below – it’s that simple.