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Exterior Wall & Eaves Paint

  • Pro Series Weatherblock Exterior Paint

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Are you looking for exterior wall and eaves paint that can withstand harsh weather conditions? Transform the appearance of your home with Paint Online’s range of exterior wall paints, which have been specially formulated to offer superb coverage. Our paints can be easily applied on a variety of surfaces including concrete, cement, bare timber, brick, fibre-cement board, masonry and galvanised iron. Not only do our paints offer protection against weather condition, but our exterior wall paints have also proven to withstand insects and other forms of damage. This is crucial in ensuring low home maintenance.

At Paint Online, we believe in superior paint quality. The quality of paint you use plays a detrimental role in your satisfaction. For long lasting results in the appearance and durability of your exterior walls, then Paint Online’s range is more than optimal. By using our paints on your exteriors, your wall will retain its colour and resist peeling, fading, dirt and blistering.

For long-lasting, brilliant adhesion to your walls and eaves, then browse our range below. If you’re unsure of how much paint you need, then enter the dimensions of the surface you wish to paint in our online paint calculator. From there, we will provide you with an idea of how much paint to buy – it’s as simple as that.