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Undercoats, Sealers & Primers

  • Pro Series Acrylic Block & Masonry Filler

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  • Pro Series SurePrep 3 in 1 Acrylic Primer / Sealer / Undercoat

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  • APCO Quick Dry Alkyd Undercoat (2 hour Drying)

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To achieve the look you desire, preparing the surface effectively is of crucial importance. Primers, sealers, and undercoats provide for excellent surface adhesion. Our range here at Paint Online is applicable on a variety of interior surfaces. Ideally preparing the surface makes painting the surface much more convenient and hassle-free.

The primer is undoubtedly the most important step in the whole painting process. Effectively applying a primer will optimise the final surface. For this reason, we stock only premium quality primers that have been formulated to ensure excellent adhesion. Our sealers can be used in place or before the primer is applied. Our line of interior paint sealers and undercoats also have been formulated to ensure complete coverage is achieved.

At Paint Online, we believe surface preparation is an extremely important stage in painting any surface. If not properly sealed, the colour of your surface may appear to lack uniformity. For this reason, we only stock the highest quality products that have been formulated in accordance to stringent quality standards.

To avoid undesirable consequences, shop our range of primers, sealers, and undercoats by browsing below!