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Glass Beads

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Here at Paint Online, we don’t just provide great looking products, we also put a premium on safety and performance. Glass beads are simple and cost-effective, yet essential element of the line marking process when it comes to heightening road safety. They help to make road markings visible at night, by reflecting a car’s headlights and making the stripes seem to light up.

Here at Paint Online, we’ve got some of the best glass beads around, so while you’re shopping for road marking supplies it makes sense to grab some of these great products while you’re at it! Implementing these innovative items when you mark out surfaces is easy to do, but it will pay dividends from a safety perspective.

If you’re looking to buy glass beads online, there isn’t a better place! We’ve got various different types to suit every application and budget. For a premium option, our Pristine Drop On beads, which are three to four times larger than standard drop-on spheres and sit higher, for increased visibility. If you need any further information we’ll always be happy to give our expert advice and assistance.