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An elastomeric coating is designed to be applied in very thick films, and is significantly more solid than conventional paints. This paint is extremely durable, will form a tough and durable film, and can even be used for waterproofing any surface it coats.

Here at Paint Online we’ve got a comprehensive range of options, so whatever you’re looking for we’re confident we have just the product for you. If you want a versatile product you might consider our Waterproofing Elastomeric Membrane. This is a great solution if you’re looking to protect surfaces exposed to industrial and commercial environments. It can also completely cover cracks without rupturing, and will maintain a fresh look for a number of years.

You might also consider the Roll On Texture 280; which provides a durable, crack-bridging coating that can move with the substrate without rupturing, and works on a variety of surfaces such as cement render, masonry, plasterboard, and many more. We have a range of other great options to choose from, so feel free to browse the range, and have a word with one of our expert team if you need any advice.