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Rustblock Range

Rust is another name for a type of iron oxide, a compound that builds up on iron, or alloys of iron (ie. steel), when they’re exposed to oxygen and moisture over long periods. If you’re trying to keep metal surfaces in good condition then rust can be the bane of your life, from both an aesthetic and a performance perspective. That is, unless you find a simple, effective solution. Our rust protection products provide a simple and effective method of safeguarding these surfaces, and stopping corrosion in its tracks.

Our Rustblock range interacts with the metal oxides that cause rust, chemically treating them and converting the rust into an inert compound that won’t trouble you any more. We’ve got a wide range of products that work in slightly different ways, but will all help you see impressive results in the form of a tough, durable, and anti-corrosive coating.

From our Hammertone, which forms a decorative coating and hides unsightly marks, to our Fish Oil, which penetrates hard-to-reach areas such as joints and cracks, we’re sure we have something to suit your needs. Browse the Rustblock range today and find a great product at an affordable price.