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Paint Brushes

Accessories can only be purchased with any Omega/ Apco paint product.

You might have the perfect paint for any project (especially if you’ve bought it from Paint Online!) but it’s no use if you don’t also have the appropriate accessories with which to apply it. We’re proud to have a great selection of the best paint brushes online, which will ensure a quick and easy application every time.

We’ve got a whole range of high quality synthetic paint brushes available for quick and easy purchase right here on the website, available in all different shapes and sizes. Whatever the job at hand, we’re sure you’ll find something that meets your individual requirements perfectly, from our 12mm brush; great for more delicate and fiddly tasks, all the way to our 88mm brush which makes larger applications a breeze.

If you’re wanting to buy paint brushes, then you’ve come to the right place. These cost-effective options are sure to be up to any task, and you can choose from convenient multipacks to individual options. If you’ve gone to the trouble of purchasing a quality paint here on the site, don’t negate this by not having the appropriate tools to apply it properly! Browse the range now and see which of our brushes is right for you.