How to Choose The Right Pool Paint

Paint Online offers three premium PoolKote products, Poolkote Two Pack Epoxy, Chlorinated Rubber, & Rapid Dry Two Pack Polyaspartic. All three products have unique features and usecasses,

To find out what coating your pool currently has, rub a small area of the pool surface with Acetone, if the coating starts to react and break down becoming sticky and soft, it is most likely to have a Chlorinated Rubber coating and can be recoated with PoolKote Chlorinated Rubber. However, if the surface remains unaffected, then it most likely has an epoxy coating and you can use PoolKote Two Pack Epoxy.

If your pool has been previously painted with epoxy or chlorinated rubber, only the same coating can be applied over it. Unless you sandblast or grind the entire surface to remove the existing coatings, then you can choose either option. Please see below product features for each PoolKote coating.


PoolKote Coatings

PoolKote Two Pack Epoxy

Poolkote 2 Pack Epoxy Pool Paint is a very hard and durable polyamide cured epoxy coating suitable for atmospheric and immersion conditions. The epoxy system provides proven long term and easily maintainable protection for fibreglass and concrete surfaces with very good resistance to impact, abrasion, fungus, bacterial growth, acids, alkalis, and pool chemicals. Epoxy Pool Paint also has extremely low water & water vapour permeability.

  • Hardwearing
  • Long-Term Protection
  • Smooth Finish


PoolKote Chlorinated Rubber

Poolkote Chlorinated Rubber Pool Paint is a premium quality swimming pool paint based on pure chlorinated rubber. It is quick-drying and easy to apply. It provides a hardwearing and durable finish, which can be easily cleaned. The product has excellent resistance to acids, chlorine, oxidising and bleaching agents. Chlorinated rubber coatings have been used for years on more swimming pools than any other type of paint.

  • Economical
  • Easy to Apply
  • Durable Satin Finish


Two Pack Polyaspartic 

Poolkote 2 Pack Polyaspartic system consists of A) Primer and B) Finish coat. Finish is a two component polyaspartic coating offering excellent chemical and UV resistance. Primer and Finish are both solvent free systems, are odourless, have superior durability, and are impact, abrasion, and pool chemical resistant.

  • Ultra Premium
  • Scratch & UV Resistant
  • Long-Lasting Results

Please note that PoolKote Polyaspartic is recommended for professional use only.

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